Real Estate Auctions

The auction method is recommended for properties:

In a Healthy market the aim is to achieve a – premium price – When a set time frame is a prime requirement – Where the client is comfortable using market – demand to help achieve the price – For any property in any market where the client -is absolutely committed to sell.

Auction enables you to market without a price !

A premium price comes from competition – between buyers. With more buyers, the more competition and hopefully the higher the – price. – With price removed, inquiries are often greater – which increases the opportunity of producing – the premium buyer.

Colin Street – Property Auctioneer

Colin Street is a dynamic auctioneer calling auctions throughout South East Queensland. His difference is simply by calling great auctions and creating an environment where buyers are at ease and respond favourably and sellers get the very best possible results. Colin gained his experience from calling the odds for many years for some of Brisbane’s highest profile bookmakers at the races, greyhounds and trots and working with some of the best auctioneers during the nineties.

As a fully Licensed Agent, Auctioneer and Real Estate Trainer, plus a Professional Presenter for a global investment group, Colin offers his clients strong credentials backed by over twenty (20) years of success in real estate throughout all market conditions. His knowledge spans all facets of the real estate industry including chattel auctions too!

Colin Street is a proactive agent specialising in Real Estate Auction campaigns and working with other agencies to make sellers aware of the most effective method of sale – the Real Estate Auction.

If you require an exceptional result with great enthusiasm, open communication and a straight forward process, you need to engage the services of Colin Street.

Colin is “The Auctioneer and Agent other Agents Employ” to create a great result!

Invite Colin to come to your Agency and teach your staff how to list auctions and work the buyers at auctions on the day!

His fee includes a one on one consultation with the Seller/s on the eve of the auction to review all buyer activity and interest from Stage 1 and formulate a strategy for the big day to help the seller have some plan of attack to achieve the best possible outcome.

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