bray park real estate presentation

Preparing Your Property For Sale

bray park real estate presentation

Preparing your Property for market to get the best Price possible.

After working with hundreds of real estate sellers and some of the best real estate representatives around, and viewing 100’s of open homes, we’ve seen it all, and there are house presentation techniques that work and those that do not!

You can invest excessive time and /or excessive amounts of cash getting ready for a sale. So here are some tips:

Suggestion # 1 Landscaping: Declutter your Outdoor Entryway

What to Do: Work on the things that will have a huge effect, such as clearing away the mess.

What Not to Do: Spend a lot of time and cash on brand-new plants or re-designing the area.

Cost: $0.
Time: Half a day to a weekend, depending upon the garden.

Tasks to do include:

  • Clear away dead leaves
  • Remove anything that detracts from the look
  • Remove anything that should not be there
  • If there is a dead stump in a garden bed, mulch over it or make it into an attraction or valuable feature (bird Bath or bird feeder)
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Mow the yard, and utilise a lawn edger to clean up any untidy lines
  • Prune back rowdy shrubs
  • Waterblast pavers, driveways, and the beyond your home remove any mould or stains.
  • Wash the house
  • Wash the windows
  • If suitable, purchase some brand-new soil or mulch, for a fresh looking garden

If you are on the northside of Brisbane Call 07 3171 2282 and see what the Extra Realty advantage is, and how it can help you get the best price. Look at the Extra Marketing Plan at no extra cost.


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