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Competitive Advantage – Real Estate Marketing plan

When selling, it’s a crowded market competing for buyers (or the right buyer for your property). To start with your property needs to stand out in the market, it needs to be special and show what it was that made you fall in love with it to start with, and the EXTRA team and our brand will give you a powerful framework to get started. Its not just how much money you spend on a featured online Ad, its about the whole plan and how it works together.

Our focused (focused on your property) sales and marketing team will develop and execute your custom Real Estate Marketing plan. Working closely with photographers and other specialists, your property will be enhanced and showcased to its utmost potential.

Our teams informative ideas will certainly make certain that your home is perfectly offered — our experience reveals that presentation makes a substantial distinction to a home’s viewed worth and also will considerably boost the sales result.

Our cutting-edge usage of modern technology is extremely related to in the sector. We are eager adopters of making use of suitable effective advertising methods and means to develop genuine buyer interest and offers.

It is not just a matter of just getting your property sales listing, the property has to be marketed in order to sell the property. By focusing on a small number of properties and putting in place a real estate marketing plan, (its like a business plan just for promoting your property). Our Competitive Advantage is giving your property it’s own Competitive Advantage in the busy property sales market place. We work together to market and promote your property to the right buyer, with the ultimate end goal of producing the best price in the current marketplace for your property in the fastest time possible, with the least stress and hassle.

Another Competitive Advantage is that we use full descriptive Image signs to promote your property – included FREE in our lower commission price. Why full colour, full descriptive, multi image signs you ask? Simply because they market your property not the agency, because we are sell your home.

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